About RDC

Our History:
Redding Industrial Xiamen Corp. Ltd., Started from the year of 1993, initially working on the agricultural small machinery & Equipment, gradually broadened the business scope to Spare parts and accessories for Automobile, Agricultural and Engineering machinery from the year of 2000, with the Chinese Automobile Industry growing up rapidly.


From the beginning of the spare parts business, we follow our customer’s demand, follow the markets, and make the detailed catalogue for every customer to make their work easy. We obey the simple rule: supply the parts with reasonable prices, make the fast delivery and back customers with the best service. Step by step, we developed more and more different series of Vehicles spare parts all over the world.

After more than decades in this field, we have set up the specialist spirit, accumulated experience & the idea of creation. We are always staying together with our customers and their markets. Our customers are strongly supported with our continuously progressing on quality control, technology support, new product development, and after-sale service.


  Why Choose Us

  • Products range, accessories varieties,Classification Fine
  • Unified packing, giving customers the overall image and marketing advantages, high performance price ratio.
  • keep abreast of market trends, listen to customer needs, and always be with customers in product quality control, technical support, new product development, after-sales service providers.
  • Keeping Sensitive & respecting the market. from which always learning &creation with emotions, to improve the products&create new one.
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  Our Vision and Mission

  • Make our customers easy work and to be the best solution provided for them.

  • Make our staff to be proud of our Company, and be happy for their work in an inspiring & challenging environment.

  • To be successful together, now and in the future, for each party involved and make them balanced together.


  Our Value and Culture



  • In the service for all the customers, realizing the value of RDC people and RDC brand, we are trying to create an attractive life, as well as sharing the prosperity of the product upgrade brought by the Chinese Economy.

  RDC Brand


  Our Team